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Tips for breaking up...with my trainer??

Hello all! I mostly just stick with posting on my local board or my wedding month board - so I am new here.  

For the last four months or so I have been doing CrossFit with a trainer in very small group classes after work about 3-5 weekly.  It is pretty fairly priced for what it is ($120/month) and I have been mostly happy with it - until recently.

For the last month and a half we have kinfd of strayed from CrossFit and started really focusing on weight training. Like Every Mon, Wed, and Fri.  While I def like to hit the weights and I think they are an important part of working out, I really preferred the more cometitive and active CF workouts.  Oh and guess what? Pricesare goign up $30 a month.

Basically, I really should be putting a majority of this money towards my debt (student loans and CC) anyway so FI and I talked about a budget and that budget would give me enough for a typical gym membership.  

I am pretty set on ending this relationship, but I am just not sure how to bring it up.  There are always at least 2 or 3 other people there at the same time as me - would it be appropriate for me to "break up" with him in front of others? Should I email/text/call? Wednesday would be my last day there, so I am hoping to have a game plan before then!

TIA for any input you might have! Yes, I know I am beinga HUGE baby about this, I am just the kind of person that can't say no and I know he'll try to talk me into staying.

Re: Tips for breaking up...with my trainer??

  • Tell the trainer after class that you've enjoyed your time but you'll no longer be attending due to other obligations.  Don't tell him money is an issue or he might try and get you to stay by offering to keep rates the same or drop slightly.  If he really pushes you to stay, tell him thank you and you'll rethink it in a few months.
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