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I am trying to lost weight But I got hurt at work (I got a bulging disc) and now I can't walk far, I can't run. I have actually gained weight. Any ideas on what I can do to help lose weight and still be careful of what my Doctor and Physical Therapist are saying? Any advice can help! Thanks Ladies!


  • Do whatever physical activity that you are allowed to do, but the main thing is going to be diet and watching what you eat. 

  • Do you have access to a pool?  I've heard many people with injuries have had a lot of success exercising in water.  I haven't ever utilized a pool, but its a thought.  But, I agree with PP- eating healthy and keeping track of how much you are eating is going to be very key for you.
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  • You have to watch your diet.  Track calories, learn about portion size, and ensure you are eating the correct number of calories for someone of your height, weight and activity level.

    Good luck!  Back injuries are painful :-(
  • Weight loss is mostly diet based, so just make sure you're keeping your eating in check and you should be fine.

    Focus on eating "clean", getting whole foods and avoiding anything processed.
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  • The elliptical machine and exercise bike are low impact machines that my chiropractor suggested I use while I was recovering from a back injury. Doing interval training (alternating between moderate and intense) is a good way to burn more calories. If you can't walk far, I suggest starting with the bike then working your way to an elliptical. Good luck and speedy recovery.
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