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Ok... I bought my wedding dress 2 months ago. When I went dress shopping, I tried on my dream dress. But it was a size that I didn't want to wear on my wedding day. So, I had them order it in a smaller size. BUT!! I came down with mono a week later and my doctor restricted any and all excercize until recently. I haven't lost any weight and my dress comes in any day now!! The wedding is in 35 days. WHAT CAN I DO??? I'm willing to do anything to get into that dress!!

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    Maybe you can start by talking to the bridal store?
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    How far are you from the size that you ordered?  Is it tight just in the bodice of the dress?  If so, you might be able to have a seamstress change the back into a corset back where it will lace up.  That tends to give a little more room.  Other than that, you can start to eat very strictly.  Make sure you are eating the recommended calories for your size ( can make a recommendation) and focus on eating veggies, whole grains, lean meats and lowfat dairy.  That may allow you to lose 5-10 pounds if you are very strict.  Please do not starve yourself.
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    Thank you SO much! I am starting the South Beach diet today. I lost a lot of weight on it before. So hopefully I can do it again. Cross your fingers. Plus, I just got a jogging stroller for mother's day!! Time to go running! I'm still nervous about getting the job done though! I need to drop 10 pounds min. Yes, it is just tight in the mid section. But it has a button detail all the way to the bottom so I'm not sure if they can change it to a corset.
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    DON'T do the South Beach Diet.  It's a fad diet that is not healthy for you, and not a sustainable long term solution.  I would track your calories using a free website like Spark People.
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