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    [QUOTE]IIt was a forum about Getting in job is to help people get in shape....i thought that was relevant.  End of discussion.  And yes I would go up to people in real life and hand them a flyer and talk about what I do.  THat's how you advertise, make connections and form relationsihps with clients. I saw brides posting about getting in shape, I do that for brides, friends and clients, so I posted it.  THat's all. I did not know it wasnt allowed, its been taken down.  This should no longer be a discussion.  I am not a rude person, I posted something I do every day in a forum about what i do every day. n Response to Re: - :
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    </div><div>Uhh.. if that's how you do business, I wish you luck. You're going to need it. No one likes being sold to outright. </div><div>Tact is a WONDERFUL thing and it sounds like you need some. </div><div>
    </div><div>Again, no one is angry with you for being ignorant regarding the TOS. </div><div>I'm a Group X instructor, but I'm here because I get sooo much out of these ladies and it's great to be around people of the same health/fitness-focused mindset. </div><div>I'm not here to say, "Oh em gee, you all need to do this program I teach because it's fitness related and this is a fitness board."  I don't give a dammm what the ladies do here, as long as it's working for them and they enjoy it. </div><div>
    </div><div>Stick around if you want. You can gain a lot of insight and it's a great motivational tool when you're having a "blah" week... But don't expect anyone here to apologize to you for calling you out on something that isn't allowed here. </div><div>
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