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How was everyones turkey day? did you overindulge or behave yourself?

Do you have any resolutions moving forward or plans to work off the meal you ate?

Re: Thanksgiving!

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    Welllllllll, I DID get up and run this morning...but then I went inside and ate pumpkin pie for breakfast. :) ha ha
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    I was really good and ate controlled portions.  I had a small slice of pumpkin pie, a small cookie and a small slice of gingerbread.  But then I came home and we had pizza for supper and a brownie for dessert.  All in all, not a totally bad day.  I'll be on the treadmill tomorrow!
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    I saw a news piece that pumpkin pie is actually good for you, though I dont recall why. As long as you dont eat most of the crust, its not that bad for you at all.
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    I was very good but mostly because I don't like most of that food.  I brought meatballs and ate them with green beans.  I had a bite of sweet potato pudding but it wasn't very good.`
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    I did alright.  I got up and ran 3 miles in the morning then did 45 minutes of yoga.  I didn't overindulge too much in appetizers and kept portions reasonable at dinner.  I had cheesecake and a cookie for dessert (both small)...thought I also had two beers and a couple glasses of champagne.  That said, I don't think I was TOO far over in calories overall.

    I already worked out today (p90x day 12--Legs and Back and Abs) and will be good with food today. 
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    This is a day late, but I did really well.  I have never overindulged on holidays because I don't particularly enjoy overeating, but you never know!  I kept within my calories, and while I didn't exercise, I I'm giving myself a pass because we spent a lot of hours on the road and a lotttt of hours at my family's house, so there wasn't really time for it.  Glad to hear everyone was happy with themselves!
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