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Cardio machine foot fatigue


Does anyone have any solutions for combating the pins and needles that come with the vibration of the cardio machines? I have an elliptical, and while not unbearable, foot fatigue does bother me towards the end of the session.

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Re: Cardio machine foot fatigue

  • Ugh I hate this! I have a couple of suggestions. One, buy your sneakers a half a size bigger than you normally would. Your feet swell when you exercise so if your shoe is tighter tends to make your foot fall asleep. I'm a 8.5 but I always buy my work out sneakers in a size 9. It definitely helps. The only other thing is to really keep your laces loose. Your foot isn't really moving so you dont need your shoe that tight.
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  • I bought a pair of vibram fivefinger shoes and this helped me with this feet will still start to fall asleep if I do 35+ minutes on the elliptical, but it used to happen after 20 minutes for me, and now when I start to feel it I'm able to move my feet enough that it never gets as bad as it used to.

    Everyone is different, but that is how I mostly solved it.
  • I'm so excited to hear that i'm not the only one this happens to! i never brought it up because I thought it was too weird! I'll have to try getting larger sneakers.
  • Hmm... thanks for the tips.

    My current sneakers are a little large, and loose. That gets me to about 20 minutes, so that's an imporvement. I did have a pair of barefoot runners (not the five finger ones, but the Merrils that look like MAry Janes). I loved them for outdoors, but lost them in my last move. I wanted to get another pair, but would have never thought about using them for cardio - now that's my excuse to get a new pair! lol

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  • Foot Fatigue is common in higher-support shoes. definitely consider going more minimalist for your machine work outs.. You jsut don't need that much support when you're not lifting your feet constintly! 
  • OH! I also wanted to add that if it's in your arches, I would suggest you start doing more arch/ankle strengthening exercises. 
    (yes! It's important and there is such a thing! haha.. it's really important for me because I'm a backpacker and the arch/ankle are the first things to give out if you don't strengthen them)

    If you go to a gym, hop on that bosu ball and do soem one legged balances. that's one of the best, fastest moves for that area. :) 
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