Getting in Shape

Runners. Help getting started?

I have always wanted to be a "runner". I like the idea of just going out for a run with my future puppy. My issue is I have never been very good at it. Even in high school sports, I would run a mile and feel like I was going to die. My mile time was around 10 minutes :(

I have tried running on the treadmil at work. I will warm up by walking until I feel loose and will kick it up and run for about 2-3 minutes, (until I can't breathe very well and feel horrible!) and then take it back down to a quick walk, recover and do it over again. I have asthma and have to be careful, also my heart rate gets to 172 give or take and that is pretty much my max.

Is this a good way to start? Any suggestions? I would really like to be able to run like normal people! :)
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