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I am hoping to find some guidance about good fitness dvds/at home cardio.  I love Walk Away the Pounds, but it is always the same kinds of movements, so I was hoping to find 2-3 other work out videos to add to the roster.

My needs for the workouts are:

Must be gentle on joints (I have never had knee surgery or anything like that, but my knees do get sore easily and I have had some problems with workouts that have you jumping and lunging a lot!)

Low to medium impact to start (I need to build up to higher impact and am NO WAY close to that at this point!)

Offer variety 

Not too fancy with their choreography-- this sounds awful, but it bores me to tears to just watch and learn and if I can't follow a work out dvd as I go, I am very likely to just turn it off and pop a movie in instead.  I don't mind some learning curve, I just don't want to feel lost the whole time as I am trying to follow along.

For CN, read the bold points and TIA for your help!


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    Vinyasa yoga would be my only suggestions - it's the flow kind so you seal your lips, breathe through your nose, create heat in the body and keep moving.

    The only other videos I've done are pilates.
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    What about spin class or biking? Elliptical? Swimming? The rowing machine is for cardio use but it works your upper body instead of your lower. All of these are low impact exercise.

    Ultimately you may want to ask your doctor what they recommend for low impact exercising if this is due to a medical issue.
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    Do you have Netflix? There's a ton of dance off the inches, crunch, yoga, pilates, etc :) I haven't done many but it's worth a try if you have instant streaming!
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    Spin!!!  I know it can be intimidating to think about joining a class, but it fits everything you are wishing for, and is an awesome workout.  Don't feel like you have to do everything the instructor or others around you do your first few classes.  You can always make it your own ride.  But the music and good instructors will inspire & motivate you to work hard, and you'll be dripping with sweat when you leave.  I have bad shin splints, so I have to be careful about the whole impact thing too.  Spin has really helped me begin to achieve my goals.  

    I know you're looking for work-at-home suggestions, but I think those will be somewhat limited to what you're looking for.  
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