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So, I searched the board and didn't see any recent threads on C25K.

Was wondering if anyone is currently on the programs?  FI and I are starting tonight and I'm really hoping it helps us.

Also, did anyone that has done it before notice if it really helped with weight loss, or just endurance?  I would assume that running would encourage weight loss, but I'm just not sure.  I'd like to lose 15-20 lbs before the wedding and I know FI would as well.

Also, any suggestions for a website with excessive healthy recipes?


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    Hi jmp!

    Lots of the ladies on this board have done C25K with great success (myself included)  Any exercise can help with weight loss but it all comes down to the food you're eating.  It's said that weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise.

    If you haven't already, hop onto one of the free sites like and track all your food intake.  It really does help.  It keeps on track and in the beginning was a major player in figuring out where I was going wrong in the world of eating.

    For good recipes I like,, and
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    I did C25K also, and yup it's awesome. I can't say that it is the single defining factor in my weight loss, as I believe everything works together and like Anna said, the food you eat is 80% of it... but it has definitley helped. I now run 3-5K a few times a week - it has definitely given me a form of exercise that I can do regularly and actually enjoy (and am proud of!).

    I also love, just made the sweet potato fries and grilled pineapple last night and the vanilla bean frozen yogurt today.. and nothing to feel guilty about!

    I log my food on, definitely start that up because it's going to be your best friend. Doesn't matter which site you use, it'll help you big time. If you decide to do MFP my username is smiller52 and you can feel free to add me.
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    I'm in week 4.  They have two programs.  In one you train based on time the other is more for distance.  Though both are pretty reliant on time for the first two weeks.  I was halfway through week three before I realized the app I was using had me in for a timed program.  Since I am actually training for a 5K the distance was more important for me.  I know that at the pace I run I'm not getting the distance in the set amount of time.  I like it.  I've had a few hiccough but I'm working through them.  

    There are several apps out there that will tell you when to switch from running to walking.  I use Run Double.  When I'm done with my run I can upload it to their site and view how long it took me to run each interval.  That's really helpful if you're doing the distance program but logging your workout into My Fitness Pal since MPF just asks you how long you ran.

    Good Luck!
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    jmp2004jmp2004 member
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    I dl'ed MFP to my phone a while back, but had gotten away from using it.  Plus, since I'm cooking a lot at home, I've found it's a bit more difficult for me to track since the info may or may not be accurate to my recipe.  That said, I definitely need to get back to it.

    Thanks for all the advice!

    @anna.... I love your siggy gif, btw.  <3 BBT.  Even have a Bazinga! shirt.  :)
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    They've all summed up C25K and weight loss well.

    For recipes, I like,, and weight watchers (you can access lots of the recipes even if you're not a member).

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    My fiance and I started it last week! For someone who is not a runner like myself it's been a bit challenging, but I'm definitely making progress! My cousin did it last year and dropped 40 lbs (also ate healthy too).
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    I am starting it bright and early in the morning! Glad to see it has worked for so many others!
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