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  • @clovester - I like the flavored stevia's. When I was drinking protein shakes I would add a couple drops of a flavored stevia to mix it up. If I ever get around to forcing myself to drink tea, that's what I'd use to sweeten it.
  • Entropic, do it! Become a tea snob with me!

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  • Cloverster, what part of upstate do you live in that there isn't a Wegmans within eye sight? As much as I love Wegmans, we live in a small town comprised mainly of octogenarians and they use it as their super happy fun time place so it's never a quick trip. It's like the walking dead all up in there. But I still wouldn't trade it for anything else that's for sure. I'd like to hug Danny Wegman. 
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  • @Jenny - what's funny is my husband LOOOOOOOVES tea. He has every kind, he brews his own iced green tea by the gallons and keeps it in the fridge. I guess the taste has just put me off for so long, I should just buckle down and force myself to have a little every day till I adapt to the taste.
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