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Hi but Most of All Thank You!

I've been lurking this board for a few weeks now and I've responded to a few things but I wanted to introduce myself.
Name: Michelle

Wedding date: March 2014

Weight loss/fitness goals: Would love to loose 80+ but 50 is goal and to eat more calories!

Favorite cake flavor: I'm not supposed to eat it anymore due to gluten issues but I love any type of citrus flavor cake

If you lurk, how long have you: about a month

Anything interesting about yourself: I can't really say I'm interesting but some neat things I guess would be that I have custody of my niece 13 and nephew 10, I'm from Alabama and true Southern Belle w/accent and all, I'm overly optimistic and lastly I've been shot in the head/face with a 9mm/380.

I've read a lot of what you ladies have written and y'all have really inspired me to change how I've been loosing weight and have given me a lot more confidence in not only reaching my goal but in my ability to workout daily.

Re: Hi but Most of All Thank You!

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