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Having trouble with form

As I've probably told everyone and their mom, I'm using TheFIRM workout DVDs for my exercise.

In a lot of the workouts they do copious amounts of squats, hinges/dead lift position, and rows (using hand weights/dumbbells). 

I'm having trouble getting my form right on any of these. 

On the squats, I actually used to be very good at these in HS/College. I had pretty strong quads (not now though).  I'm shifting my weight to my heels so I'm not pressing through my toes/balls of my feet. I'm doing my best to keep my knees behind my toes/over my ankles, but it just doesn't feel right.  My knees are killing me by the time I'm done with the workout.

As for the deadlift/hinges, I'm keeping my knees slightly bent, hinging at the hip, but I don't think I'm being able to keep my back flat and so then my lower back kills afterwards.

If anyone has any tips for improving these moves in particular, I'd appreciate it. 
Going to a gym is not an option right now due to work and $$ (thus why I'm working out at home).

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