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MOH ditched me

my MOH was my gym partner for a short period of time but she switched gyms. She knows how hard I'm trying to lose weight and find great classes to get into better shape. Still, I found out on Facebook that she found a personal trainer and has been going to group sessions. I'm bummeed she wouldn't invite me and now I feel awkward going to the same trainer even though it's a great price. Thoughts?

Re: MOH ditched me

  • Go to the same trainer.  No big deal at all.  Why should you pass up a great deal?
  • She didn't pass it up - why should you? A personal trainer at a good price is a HUGE benefit for you. I say do it! :)
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  • I'd feel bummed if I wasn't invited too, but maybe she just wasn't aware of your intentions. I say to jump in with the trainer and make sure to have fun while doing it! You can't rely on anyone to do the hardwork with you- but it's very rewarding in the end to know what you've accomplished! Smile!
  • Thanks guys! I'm going to call 2m for more info :)
  • Why feel awkward? 
    She is focusing on her personal health and fitness... You didn't sign a contract saying you were to go together at all times. 
    I had a girlfriend that I went to classes with but she was more interested in flirting with guys in the gym and didn't care for the Group X classes because they were too "hard" for her. She pretty much ditched me.. and I don't care. Because ultimately I can't rely on others to help get me into shape, I have to rely on myself. 
    If the personal trainer is a great deal, go do it. It's not like you "stole" the idea from her.. Lots of people probably go to that person. Group sessions are a great way to get personal attention at an affordable price. 
    Don't let what you feel is a little awkwardness stand in the way of YOUR health and fitness :) It anything, she should feel weird that you're going to show up in a class that she ditched you for ;) You have nothing to be worried about! 
  • I don't think the awkwardness should stop you at all, but I don't blame you for feeling that way!  One of my bridesmaids and I have been workout buddies for the past year or so, doing a class or two a week.  If I found out on Facebook that she was going to other classes without me, I wouldn't be mad, but I would be extremely weirded out that she never mentioned it to me!  But you have to do what's best for yourself and your fitness goals, don't worry about her.
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