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Anyone on here use fitbit? I'm getting married in May 2013 and just started using my FB. If you're on there and would like to connect, add me as a friend
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Re: fitbit users

  • Added!

    I find it really motivational to see how I stack up against others every week, this will be great!
  • I think it's absolutely worth the cost - and they actually have a less expensive version now called the ZIP. It only tracks calories burned, steps taken and total distance travelled though...but it still wirelessly uploads the data to the fitbit website for better long-term tracking.

    My husband lost his fitbit and I'm thinking of getting him this to replace it. They say it's also more waterproof than the ultra.
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    Does the fitbit actually track your calories? or do you have to log your activity and then it just estimates what you burned from there? if i have to log my activity then i would rather just stick with MFP. anyone know how the fitbit works?
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