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Slim in 6 vs. Turbo Jam

Hello!  I'm trying to decide which of these workouts to try.  Has anyone tried them?  Were they effective?  Which did you like better?  Any input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
-- Trang

Re: Slim in 6 vs. Turbo Jam

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    I've been using Turbo Jam for a few years on and off and I really love it. It's a great work out and very fun. The music is great. I bought a set that included a few different cardio and strength training exercises so I can change it up.

    I think any program that you get from Beach Body will get you results. It just depends on how you like to work out.
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    i've been doing the slim in 6 for almost two weeks and so far i've lost 5lbs.  i like it. its the only thing i've been able to keep to and not give up on.  i've heard wonderful things about turbo jam though.  so its more of which you like better.
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    to be honest, i've never used either one consistently enough to say if i got results.  but, what i can say, is that i think slim in 6 is incredibly boring. you essentially do the exact same workout 6 days a week.  TurboJam has several workouts that you rotate through, and is also just a whole lot more fun.  the music is pretty good, and it's kind of like dance and kickboxing combined. i would definitely recommend turbo jam, especially over slim in 6.

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