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I've been on vacation for basically two weeks at this point, in terms of food and exercise.  We went away for a weekend, spent four days at home, then went away for a week.  We drove about 1100 miles in the last week, about 18 hours in the car.  Tomorrow will be a bust due to an all day party that is an annual tradition for my FI and his friends.  I'll bring food and hope for the best, but I'll likely sit around all day snacking and hanging out.  I hope to be back at the gym on Sunday, but it depends on female things that I'm sure you can figure out.  If I'm miserable, then I'll be there on Monday or Tuesday, as soon as my uterus chills out.  I've probably gained a few pounds due to delicious vacation eating, but I'm okay with that.  It's just water, and it'll go away pretty easily.  

GGlad to be back on here, and will be back on MFP this week as well.
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Re: Back from vacation

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    Welcome back! Nothing wrong with having enjoyed your vacation, so long as you're ready to get back on track (and it sounds like you are)
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    Dont worry girl you got this I think we can all relate to eating bad here and there and the monthly issue!! Im currently on my second 90 day challenege and it helps me out soo much with those snacking issues you should look into it!!
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    As expected, Saturday was filled with unhealthy, but delicious food.  We sat around in a friend's backyard for about 8 hours.  Except for the bug bites, it was great.  Sunday we did engagement photos.  Today, we went to the grocery store for the first time in far too long.  I'm not sure when the last time was that I cooked us a meal for dinner.  Tomorrow I'll either go for a bike ride with my FI, or hit the gym.  I gained back 3-4 pounds, as I thought I would, but that's fine.  My water bottle and I will become close friends and the extra pounds will go away again.
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