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So today was my first day doing the C25K, and let me be honest, I'm exhausted! So out of shape, and I'm cutting it kinda close to lose some weight before my wedding in May. Hoping to drop a few pounds. Anyone have any tips on how to assist in the weight loss process? Thanks! 

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  • My fitness pal, you can log exercise and food. It will help you know what you are eating and burning.
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  • My first day with C25K was on the 4th of Jan... And it was hard.... But now on week 4 I feel great, and can easily complete the segments of running...
    Keep at it. Make sure you have some great music on your ipod to distract you from how much it hurts.
  • DON'T STOP!!! I kept at it and made it the focus of my weight loss and I not only lost 24 pounds in like 4.5 months, but every couple weeks I notice I'm firmer and firmer. I LOVE running and before I thought there was no way in HELL I could be a runner. You will be super smokin' by May and feel SO GOOD about yourself!!
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  • Stick with it, the more you run the more you get addicted. It doesn't take long to see results and next thing you know it will be easier.Also, its a quick way to lose belly fat according to my Women's Health Mag.
  • I have been running and doing zumba and other cardio classes this whole month but am starting couch to 5k tomorrow so excited hoping to see great results and become a competive runner!
  • As I just remembered to mention on the previous thread on the Couch 2 5k topic, there are podcasts on ITunes -- free ones. I forgot to tell you that's how I got through it. 
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  • Follow the workout plan and eat right. It will work with consistency. I did the C25K also when I ran my first 5K last year. It was a blast!
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    I should have scrolled down! I just posed about C25K!! I did day one yesterday and took today off and definitely felt it, but I thought the workout itself was awesome! I'm so glad to hear people have had great results! 
  • I heard about it first on here from another post previously, so I'm sure a fitness trend that is easy and fun spreads like wildfire :) I have also been supplementing with yoga on the other days to keep up a routine. Thank's for all the previous suggestions and support btw. They will definitely help keep me on track! :)
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