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How does everyone feel about navy blue as a wedding color with black tuxes?  I love navy blue but I am not sure if it matches with a black tux.....what does everyone think?  Thanks in advance for your help
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Re: Color feedback

  • I used David's Bridal Marine blue with black tuxes.  It looked great.  The trick is to put your navy blue against the black tuxes to ensure that there is sufficient difference in the two colors.  If there wasn't sufficient difference, we would have gone with charcoal grey. 
  • Navy blue is also one of my colors ! We are going with navy blue, green, and yellow. Table clothes will be navy blue, BM dresses will be like a kiwi green color.

    I had the same thought as you, thats why we went with green for the dresses and tux accents (vest, tie, etc). I didnt like the black tux with navy blue dresses. Too close for me !
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  • My color is navy as well. I am thinking about charcoal grey tuxes for the boys myself, but nothing set in stone.
  • We're the same as all the rest of you ladies. Eric really wants black tuxes but I'm convinced the blue is going to clash too much so I'd like a dark grey. I told him it's his decision though. We're going to compare color swatches and see what looks best.

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  • My friend did the navy blue from Davids Bridal with black tuxes from Men's Warehouse. It seriously looked completely fine, and I thought it was very elegant. I'll see if I can turn up a group picture to post.
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