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Hey all!

I just wanted to pop in and say hi! I haven't been on the boards since we actually booked our date, we had thought we wanted spring 2013 but ended up booking Sept 14th! I'm glad we're waiting until the fall, though I'm getting horribly impatient! I pretty much just want to get everything done and set, haha. So far we've booked our venue and our photographer - I've already splurged a little (...a lot) to get the photographer but that was one of the most important (if not THE most important) things for me, so I'm excited! I've been trying to get started on videographers and DJs but I feel like I'm seriously jumping the gun over here! I have an idea of colors, but I also don't want to force myself into anything just yet - I'm terribly indecisive, which is TOTALLY AWESOME when you're trying to plan a wedding ;) . But I just wanted to say hello and congrats to all of you! 

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  • Another Philly girl!!

    Hi, welcome to the board!  And congrats for being so on the ball!  I've got the venue down (beach lol), and getting close to the reception site - I'll start everything else after that deposit is made within the next month.  Right now I'm basically just gathering ideas and lining up DIY projects.
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    [QUOTE]...I'm sure once I get closer and I <strong>can start thinking about dresses</strong> and colors and stuff I'll be more into it.
    Posted by yaga13[/QUOTE]

    Don't do early dress shopping!!!  I went out with my mom a few weekends ago just to get her to calm down a little (this whole 2013 thing is going to be the death of her -- she wants a wedding NOW!), and I think seeing me in real dresses made it that much worse.  She offered to pay for the dress and I said sure...but I didn't realize until later that she thought money issues (not timing lol) held me back from purchasing that night :/

    Bless her heart haha
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  • Yaga - my FI is totally on top of the planning too, it's kind of amusing to watch him talk about all the things he wants to do. He's finishing up school, and he lives an hour and a a half away from me right now, so we tried to work on a lot of things in the summer. i think we're pretty set for now... I just feel like I should be doing something, even though I know I have nothing to do, haha. 
  • Congrats and welcome to the group. We share the same date.
    Shannon Jackson
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