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s/o SAHMs or anyone

SAHM's or those who stayed at home for more than a few weeks... what do you do with your time at home??  Especially when your baby was a newborn. 

My husband will be leaving to go on tour until August and I will be home alone until then. Crying I've just been thinking about what in heck will I do with myself (and the baby)?!?!  When it was me alone I would just get up and go walk around target, michael's, hobby lobby, etc or go do Bikram yoga.  But, I'm a little paranoid of taking the babe out too early and/or too much and risk her getting sick.  What did you do to pass the time during the day? 

I do scrapbook, but I don't have huge amounts of supplies and I know I would be finished with my projects within a week, or less.  I enjoy reading, but couldn't spend all day every day doing that.  I do plan on taking her for walks later on, but again that will only take up 30 minutes of the day.

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    most of your day will really be taken up with caring for baby!  you two will get out and run errands and just spend time together.  when sofia is napping you'll get some things done around the house, etc.

    plan to meet up with other moms, invite moms over to your house, etc.  it really will pass faster than you think!

    eta:  you're having her at a great time of year when it really is safer to take her out- less flu/cold being passed around.  it seems scary at first, but you'll get used to it!
  • Rhett wouldn't nap anywhere but on me for the first 4 months, so literally all I did was hold/feed/change my baby. Between that and trying to keep the house up I had no free time to myself. And I haven't since. :) I agree with Mollie though. You don't have to worry as much about illness this time of year. You could easily take her out in her infant carrier and cover it with a blanket to walk around Target, etc. Going on walks is something you can do just as soon as you feel physically up to it, which for me was right away with my vaginal delivery. It took a little longer after my c-section.
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  • you'll be surprised how fast the days goes...i said i was lucky if i got a shower in and perhaps a load of laundry.  max slept on me a lot in the beginning as well so i definitely found the sling handy:)
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  • Layna and Jakob were both pretty low-key babies.  They slept a lot and I had a ton of free time on my hands.  When Jakob was litte, I was busy with school work.  But when Layna was a baby, I just didn't know what to do with myself!  I cleaned all the time.  Renewed old obsessions with Days of Our Lives and 90210, and discovered the glory of HGTV.  Read a lot.  Nested a lot.

    I could have been a lot more productive, but there wasn't any need to.  I just enjoyed the easy part because once she hit 4 months old, she stopped sleeping and all my free time was gone. 
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    don't feel like you have to stay home. going to target is great! you gotta get out or else you'll go crazy. just keep her in her carrier and don't let anyone touch her, she'll be fine. i'll even throw a blanket over the carrier if i'm somewhere where i'm afraid people will try to touch her. she'll sleep most of the time and you'll get out and get things done. win-win. :)
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