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September 2013 Weddings


Congrats everyone. I would like to know what date everyone has set and also how far along in the planning process you all are.

Re: Hello

  • mpicklmpickl member
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    Hi! Welcome to the board. I'm sure a lot of ladies wouldn't mind sharing multiple times, but there is a recent post that people have been posting introductory info: http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2013-weddings_lots-of-newbies

    As for how far along I am, my date is 9/28/13. We have most of the vendors chosen (venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, linens, lighting, etc), our bridal party has been chosen and asked, I ordered my dress, and we are getting out engagement photos taken this September. How is your planning going?
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  • Jlp818Jlp818 member
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    Our date is 9/28/2013 and we have the venue, photog, photobooth, baker, caterer, florist, dj, bridal party, etc all mainly done.  Just need to work out all of the smaller details.  My dress is giving me a hard time.  I fell in love with three but i can't have all of them.  Plus I always second guess myself.  So fusterating!

    Can't flipping wait till the wedding.

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  • September 28, 2013 here as well.  (Popular date!)  We have the bridal party chosen, the venue booked, the photographer booked, and my makeup person booked.  We have one more scheduled tasting to go through and then we'll make up our mind on our chosen caterer.  I've decided on the photobooth person as well, just need to mail the deposit to secure our date.  

    We're seeing a band tomorrow to narrow it down between a band and a DJ.  But if we go through a DJ, I have done a lot of the research already to narrow it down to who we would try to look into.  

    Dress shopping begins August 4th. That's going to be my favorite thing I belive thus far.  :-)  I have my heart set on Allure W282, but we'll see.  :-)  

    Good luck to all of you!  :-)
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  • This is going to sound bad I havent started anything. I have three kids and I am a full time student as well so when I go on break that is when I am going to start I guess. I have a dress I have fell in love with I am just hoping that it looks good on me. And I have also chosen the party but my fi needs two more people and can't decide. I would to like to wish both of you luck and I hope things go smoothly for you both. 
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2013-weddings_hello-2?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:26a515ec-8009-4599-b81d-5edee3b3fb3cDiscussion:a4e156d7-76c0-4e4b-9bc6-45f82b0f9001Post:acb49487-768d-4dc6-92d1-17c7a96300e2">Re: Hello</a>:
    [QUOTE]Our date is 9/28/2013 and we have the venue, photog, photobooth, baker, caterer, florist, dj, bridal party, etc all mainly done.  Just need to work out all of the smaller details.  My dress is giving me a hard time.  I fell in love with three but i can't have all of them.  Plus I always second guess myself.  So fusterating! Can't flipping wait till the wedding.
    Posted by Jlp818[/QUOTE]
    I have the opposite thing with a dress I have looked online to see what style I want well there is this one dress nothing can compare to it caught my eye and I fell in love I am going to go try on dresses next month when I have more time. I just hope I love this dress as much on me as I do in the photos
  • mpicklmpickl member
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    Dress shopping really is such a fun part of the process. I definitely had a stly in mind as well, but I went in a totally opposite direction. Try on a bunch of stuff, even if you think you know exactly what you like. Then come back and share your experience with your fellow Knotties!
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  • I am really looking forward to getting a dress, this sounds bad but I havent wore anything close to a dress in five years not unless you count hospital gowns lol. I just hope this is a fun experience and it doesn't take long to find the one I love.
  • leatbaleatba member
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    I'm newly engaged and just started planning. The only thing I have done is choose my bridal party. Oh, I know the dress I want, but want to try a few more just to make sure it's the one. I've done a ton of research because I won't have time to when school starts back.
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  • I'm actually digging the fact that there are so many 9/28/13 dates out there. The weeks following all our weddings, the board is going to be flooded with AW's and Squee's!!! SO excited!
  • Our date is 9-20-13. We have the venue (which includes ceremony and reception site, food/drinks, and cake) set. The best man will be playing with his Band for our reception, so that is set. Most of the WP have been chosen and asked. We have bought a few items for our Postcard guestbook as well as our cardbox.

    We have many things decided, such as favors, centerpieces, escort cards, send-off, etc. Some our DIY projects, so we just need to buy the materials and set them up.

    We still feel like it's so far away, but I know that feeling will change soon. We've just been making decisions here and there and buying what we can so the cost isn't great all at once and over the Holiday season, KWIM?
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  • Our date is 9-7-13.  We have the venue reserved (same place for ceremony and reception and includes food, cake, tables, linens, liquor, etc) as well as the ceremony musicians, DJ, photographer and videographer (for just the ceremony).  The wedding party has been asked and the bridesmaid dress is picked out though not yet ordered.  Preliminary guest list is made (though I'm sure there will be a few changes).  I actually bought my dress a month after getting engaged....I went shopping with family and love the fourth dress I tried on so I just stopped there and got it! My mom is doing the invites so she's starting to work on that.  Next steps will be finding a florist, blocking the hotel rooms, and finding people for hair and makeup.

    I'm trying to do as much as possible early to avoid stress later!  

  • Our date is 9/6/13 and we have all of our vendors booked except for a florist. I was going to wait to dress shop until this fall (that would give me a whole year) but it seems like most of you have dresses already. Am I waiting too long??? i was hoping to lose 10lbs before I even try them on lol idk if I could mentally handle trying on dresses at my current weight.
  • Hey!

    our wedding is sept 28 2013. So far we have the venue, photographer, photobooth, florist, dj, makeup booked. My wedding is in Rhode Island and I currently live in virginia so im trying to book as much as i can early on so it doesnt become a hassle later on. As far as the dress goes, im going up home ina month which i plan on going dress shopping with my mom:)

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  • Hi! I'm 9/21/2013 and we've got everything but the cake!  We even have an appointment with a travel agent to talk about honeymoon packages.  Now I'm just focusing on our engagement photos on 8/9/2012 and sending out the Save the Dates.  But a lot of our guests are coming from overseas and around the country too.  So, I wanted to get everything nailed down and the deposits in so I can focus on the details and have fun with it without worrying.
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