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Hi ladies!

My fiance and I are positive we want a September 2013 wedding. Going back and forth between the 14 or 21. 14 is cute because his birthday is August 1 and mine is November 4...1 & 4 = 14 or the 21st because we got engaged on the 21st of January!

Anyway, we're going to put a deposit down at the church and reception venue this week or next week.

Can't wait to plan with you ladies!

When are you guys going to start your DIY projects (if you're doing any)?
When did you start dress shopping?

Re: Hi ladies!

  • Hello!  Welcome to the board.

    I'm definitely going to DIY stuff, but won't start until I finalize my colors (having trouble with that lol).  I've picked up supplies for a few things that I can start without worrying about color coordination (total bargain shopper here; I live for coupons and sales :)).

    I'm probably going to start some of the easier things in a month or two because I do have a fairly long DIY list.  I have an attic, garage and basement for storage, and I have a good feeling that I will be tapping into most of that space!

    I went dress shopping with my mom last month, to keep her calm and figure out what I want, and I had a blast!  I won't buy anything until the fall, but at least now I know exactly what I'm looking for and what really looks good on me.
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  • Hi Yaga! I remember you from NEY! Xmansmommy- what things do you plan to DIY?
  • I remember the siggy too (I spent a little time on NEY but didn't talk much).

    I have a whole list of DIY goods at home, but off the top of my head this is what I'm doing:  centerpieces, garter, bridemaids jewelry, bridal party flip flops, coaster favors, sugar scrubs for my girls, invitations (buying kits but printing at home), card box, cake topper, escort cards, table numbers, card and cake table signs, personalized champagne flutes (my girls) and beer mugs (his guys), day-of hoodie, and personalized hangers for my dress, bridsmaids dresses, and our mothers gear (have you seen those?  SO cute!).

    I had been plannning to DIY flowers but the coordinator I'm working with can get them pretty cheap, probably costing about the same as doing them myself.  if she can, I'm all for it! :)

    And if my mom keeps insisting that I wear a veil, and I fold (big "and"!), we'll work on that together.
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  • Hi there! 

    We're hoping to DIY a few things for our wedding. We've already decided on putting together the flower arrangements/bouquets (FI works at a produce store, they can get wholesale flowers for super cheap). I want to DIY the favors (whatever they may be) and probably the centerpieces, but that is all TBD. Once we get really down to planning, which I imagine will be this summer, we'll decide on what we're doing and when we need to start. My sister/MOH is in design school, so we're enlisting her to design our STD/invites and we'll be printing them ourselves. 

    Phew, and honestly? I don't even want to think about dress shopping yet! I've started losing some weight so I want to wait until the summer to start looking. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. I have an idea of styles I'd like, but we'll see how it goes :)
  • I love all this DIY stuff!  I am also a bargain shopper.  I will be pretty much creating my entire vision for my reception because we are using my parents backyard.  So centerpieces, floral arrangements, favors, the bridesmaids jewelry etc.  I am still thinking about whether or not I want to do my own invitation because I feel with the ink/kit cost it's about the same as getting someone to print them for me!  But again that is something I am still mulling over.

    I also tried on gowns over the weekend, my mom is a seamstress so she is going to make my dress but we wanted to try things on to get an idea of what would look best.  It was a lot of fun.  I cannot wait to see how she takes my vision and brings it to life! 

    What else are you ladies working on?
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  • Welcome! I don't plan on doing anything DIY...I'm impatient and I lack creativity LOL. I already went dress shopping (last month) and I found my dress! Here SHE is:


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    I think the only DIY project I will do is my guest book. I am doing a scrapbook, but I want to pre-decorate all of the pages in our wedding colors and create titles for each page with each couple/guests' name and leave space for them to write a message and then space to put pics of them from the wedding weekend.

    As far as dresses go, I am waiting. I have a ton of dresses ripped out of magazines and printed from various sites that I want to try on, but I am also trying to lose weight before I put on a single dress. I am doing Weight Watchers now.Will go in November to start looking. A lot of my faves are from Lazaro...but also love Badgley Mischa, Anais, and Rivini.
  • Welcome to the board! I'm not very active on it, but I haven't done too much yet.

    I'm doing a lot (almost everything) DIY to save money. I made a little schedule (I'm a bit anal) so I can get stuff done month-by-month. January was the ring bearer pillow for my nephew. Made it out of burlap and navy ribbon. February is the flower girl sign!

    As for the rest of DIY projects: centerpieces, favors, invitations (well, I'm going to assemble them), save the dates, guest book, a cute little entrance sign with "our love story" on it, signature drink sign, among other things..... haha.

    I went dress shopping twice so far. I'm going again tomorrow. The lady at the store reccommended you get it a year out, so I want to know what I want by the summer.

    Good luck!! :)

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    [QUOTE]Bliss, I love that dress!  It looks good on you. This is my dream dress - by Lazaro.  I'm not willing to spend that much money though, so I will be looking for a deal somewhere else.  Has anyone thought about going to a bridal consignment shop?
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    Thank you! I am also in love with Lazaro I thought my dress was going to be the Lazaro 3607. But when I tried this one on, the birdal consultant's pick, I loved it more than the Lazaro and it was way cheaper!
    There was a bridal consignment shop (all Bridal gowns are NEW) I found online as a matter of fact I stalked it waiting for a Lazaro 3607, you can also order the gowns over the phone too, here is their website:
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  • Bliss- LOVE that dress!
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    [QUOTE]Bliss- LOVE that dress!
    Posted by danimarie88[/QUOTE]

    Aww Thank you!
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  • Bliss, your dress is really pretty!  And thanks for the tip on the consignment shop.  I got a little excited when I saw your location (Philly in the house!  lol), but I see it's in VA.  The blog is down, but I am happy to report that we are now FB friends :)

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    [QUOTE]Bliss, your dress is really pretty!  And thanks for the tip on the consignment shop.  I got a little excited when I saw your location (Philly in the house!  lol), but I see it's in VA.  The blog is down, but I am happy to report that we are now FB friends :)
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    Thank you! One of the things I really liked about that shop is that the monies from purchasing a gown goes to a really great cause...
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  • I'm super excited..but so far haven't done much..partly because of $. I hope to do some DIY but am not really crafty so we will see how that goes...We have our ceremony/reception site picked out and our colors. For now that's about it. I hope to get to know everyone on this board while we plan our happy day!
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  • I feel so behind the 8 ball looking though posts on here!! I am recently engaged (2/23) and I am just starting to look at venues.  I really don't want to do a lot of DIY stuff because my future sister in law had a backyard wedding and it was SO much work. I would rather pay the professionals to do their thing!! Although I don't want to spend a lot of money...I just don't need more stress from everything.  I am still unsure of colors...I am thinking black, gray, or dark purple or a combination of all?? Goodness...I need to get my butt moving!
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