I am on a very tight budget, so tight it would probably squeak if it made a sound :( but due my fiance and myself both having very large church families we are having a large wedding (about 300). I was debating on even having favors because most people just throw them away. Many friends and family I've talked to have never even heard of favors.

Since I am a teacher and we are having several children in the wedding party and at the wedding I was thinking that as favors we would make several coloring pages, word searches, and crossword puzzles about my fiance and myself and set out crayons at each seat. They can do the pages while they are waiting on us taking pictures and take them home as a favor if they like. Is this a bad idea?

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    I think that would be very cute and, as a parent, it's always nice to see that someone not only included children, but really thought about them being there, as well.  It's also just an inexpensive "something" to have at each setting without making a production of it.
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    Honestly, I'd skip it altogether.  I think puzzles about you is really AW-ish on a day that's pretty much all about you to begin with.

    And the kids at your wedding will want to do what eveeryone else is doing.  Eating, drinking (soda in their case....) and dancing it up on the dance floor.  Just let them do that.

    And really, what are the chances of them taking the puzzles home and doing them later?  Pretty small.

    I'm a teacher too.  I'd just treat your child guests as you're treating your other guests.

    Oh-and skip the favors.  No one really cares about them.
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    It's not necessarily a bad idea but it's not necessary either.  If you are trying to have a budget wedding for 300 people, my advice is to skip them altogether.
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    Thank you everyone for your input. I think I have decided not to have favors at all. It is not needed.
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