Anyone used USB drives for favors?

I am looking for unique favor ideas, but want to keep costs down wherever possible (of course). Has anyone used USB flash drives for uploading wedding/themed playlists for your guests? I am looking for a place to buy them in bulk/wholesale if that helps with the price...

Re: Anyone used USB drives for favors?

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    That's a really cute idea.  Not sure where to get them but I love the idea. 
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    You could always just burn a playlist on a CD.  That would be a lot cheaper.
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    [QUOTE]You could always just burn a playlist on a CD.  That would be a lot cheaper.
    Posted by navybaby1113[/QUOTE]
    I don't think it is about "being cheaper"
    Cute idea with the USB drives!
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    The USB idea is unique, IDK where you can find them bulk, but would your older guests be able to use them?
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    We did our wedding 4.5 years ago. I just posted something on our blog so you can check it out on Big Fat Cake. It was a big hit! Expensive, but I thought it was worth it.
  • sta12ssta12s member
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    I would try a promotion product company; everything is sold in bulk and you can get them personalized.

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    I'm not sure if CDs would be cheaper since people probably wouldnt be able to reuse them.  A the least you can say that people would reuse a USB if given it as a favor.  I say the possibilities are endless.  You could favorite recipes on there, personalized thank you's, all kinds of things.  Pardon me ahead of time if I steal your idea ;-)
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    FWIW, as a guest, I would certainly appreciate it b/c it's something you had definitely use after the wedding and it will remind people of the wedding each time they use it. :)
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    Love it! I just went to a teaching conference a month ago where they did this. Great idea to use it as a wedding favor and I am sure your guests would LOVE it! What a great way to remember your day.
    You could maybe even upload pictures of your engagement or other pics :)
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    I would definitely be able to use it again, and if I don't want whatever you load on it, I can always delete and reuse, unlike a cd. I normally go for edible favors, but I think this is a good idea too.
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  • meredithl618meredithl618 member
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    I found this website which has them in bulk and offers personalization options. I think it'd be really cool.

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    I think it depends on your guests...  I know I personally have, at the very minimum, six flash drives of various sizes laying around my apartment, that I rarely use.  I think there's a narrow bubble where this will work: guests who are tech savvy enough to appreciate and use a thumb drive, but not so tech savvy that they already have more than they really need. 

    We actually considered going this route, but while thumb drive prices are going down drastically (you can find them in the checkout aisle at Target, for chrissakes), I still didn't want to spend $10 per guest on a favor.  We were going to put our e-pics as well as the music on.

    If your guest list resides in that bubble and you can afford it, go for it!  (But I'd skip the personalization.  No matter how useful and nifty the favor, if it bears someone else's names and wedding date, its actual usefulness goes down exponentially.)
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    Def. look into a promotional products company. The prices are subject to change on memory items, so your best bet is to research when they will be at their lowest. If you PM me, I can give you a bunch of websites to look up. I work in the industry, so I don't want to post links on here. If you want, you can even go as far as havng the company imprint your monogram (if you have one) and do the uploads fr you.
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    Being a graphic designer, I think it's a fabulous idea! Even if the guest themselves doesn't use it, they can pass it on.

    Pantone makes flash drives in a variety of colors and offers engraving: http://www.pantone.com/pages/flashdrives/product.aspx

    Good luck!

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  • ladylumladylum member
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    I think this is a great idea! I hope you don't mind if I take this idea. Personalization for something like a USB drive would probably not be a good idea only because most people who use them are students and professionals and a personalized wedding USB is not particularly professional.
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    I think it's a great idea if the  majority of your guests are computer savvy. I t wouldnt work for my guests because about half of them dont know how to turn a computer on!
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    Very cute and unique idea.  Not sure where to buy in bulk though?  You may try to google a marketing company, you know like the kind that do promotional items like mugs, mints, etc.
  • FystybrideFystybride member
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    I love this idea....particularly the ones that look like little wine bottles.  They are just so cute, and you could add your name to the label.  I wish I knew someone that wanted to go in on an order to get a good bulk price... Wink  Michael is an Electrical Engineer, who loves wine...and so it would be a really cool favor for all his 'geeky' work friends as well as all of our 'foodie' personal friends and family.
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    Please steal away! Happy to share all ideas! Laughing

    It is hard to justify the price though. The favor "package" I want is a silver tin with a sand dollar cookie, a collection of our favorite beach music, and it will also have room to hold the sand dollar escort card magnets that the guests will have.

    So the CD vs USB is hard to justify in the price difference. I want to go check out all your links to see if there are any super deals out there. I'll PM those of you with insider tips Wink.

    For those of you who have gone the CD route, would you recommend putting both the .mp3 file AND the "pop into the CD player in the rental car" version of each song? Also, do you think I'd need to include the bulky plastic case if it is presented within the silver tin?

    Thanks so much!
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    Very unique!! love it! Maybe you can get tags with you and your future husband's name and wedding date and attach them to personalize it!
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    I was searching the site for anyone who has done USB invitations before? My fiance suggested it and I think its a really good idea. I especially like the fact that my guests will be able to keep using the drive well after the wedding, and they will be reminded of our day every time they do Smile

    Searching this site for USB I found a featured vendor that sells promotional flash drives, http://www.usbmemorydirect.com. Has anyone used them before? They've got pictures of other wedding related flash drives, so that's a plus, right?
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    This is a great idea for a wedding favor! I actually found a site that sells wedding themed USB drives in bulk. I hope this helps Smile

  • ARM92ARM92 member
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    I just have to say that sounds awesome!!!

    good luck!
  • @ punk-Ness, I am interested to know what info you have regarding the USB drives, as I am considering this as an option for wedding favors. Thanks!



  • @melly0217 - That poster made that comment over 2 years ago.  They haven't been active on this site in quite some time.  I doubt you'll hear a response anytime soon.  It's best to start a new thread if you want to chat about an idea rather than dig up one that's years old.

    That said, I think the USB thing was cool years ago when it was newer technology.  I would find it a very odd favor to receive at a wedding nowadays.  Also, not sure about your guest list, but I know my parents and family members that are a little older don't use these kinds of things.
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