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Hello i want to do a take home favor for the guests. I have been searching and i love the whole mason jar thing. I want to do a drinking mason jar with our names and date on them then i was also thinking of doing a fruit jam/perserves mason jar or honey and for the kids a cupcake. What do u think would be a good idea? Gonna be a summer wedding colors are gonna be Navy blue with fuschia and silver accents.

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  • The edibles in a mason jar (jam, preserves, honey, cupcake) sound good.  If you do personalization (your names, wedding date), I'd strongly suggest using something like a tag or custom-printed ribbon so that it is removable.  You could stamp/write them onto a square of fabric in your wedding colors and tie it over the top of the jars.
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    Definitely have it removable if you must personalize them. Very few people want things with someone else's name and wedding date on them. 

    Where in Central IL are you from?  I grew up in Peoria. 
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  • I live in Mendota about an hour and half north of peoria.
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    Well thanks for the info. Yeah i was starting to read about not doing personalization on stuff. But use tags or something. was thinking ethier raspberry perserves or peach. do you of anyone doing a signature drink? Was thinking about doing that too. I know i would be making a lot since alot of the family on both sides and friends are beer drinkers.
  • I think a personalised tag or ribbon would be really cute.  Preserves are a great idea:-)
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