Roasted Almond Station for Favor?

Our idea for a favor was this: having one of those roasted almond vendor stations set up (with employees honey-roasting the almonds in the reception hall) then bagging them up and handing them out to guests during the hors d 'oeuvres hour, or setting them at their seats. BUT now I'm worried that the delicious smell of sweet roasted almonds, will get nauseating while everyone begins eating dinner! Thoughts?

Re: Roasted Almond Station for Favor?

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    If you are using them as a favor could you possibly have them arrive toward the end of the night? That way the smell isn't overpowering all night. Also, you don't want people to be tempted and eat the favors at the reception instead of the meal you have planned.
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    Sounds like a cool idea but I would hold off till after dinner.  I know I would eat/pig out on the almonds before dinner.

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    I agree with PP. Save it until after dinner. But other than that, I think it's a great idea!
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    Yum! I love those.  But after dinner, during dancing sounds best to me
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