Does there have to be favours? I haven't seen any that I like, and am unsure if I will ever.

So i guess the questions are; do I have to have favours?, What did you do for favours?
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Re: Favours

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    anna.oskaranna.oskar member
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    No.  Favors are certainly not necessary.

    I did a candy buffet instead of traditional favors and it seemed to be a hit. Plus, now I have the decorative apothecary jars as decor in our house.
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    LarissaAnnLarissaAnn member
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    We didn't have favors at all.  It's totally not necessary.
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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    Don't need them.  Most get left behind anyway.  Spend your money elsewhere.
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    You don't need them. One thing you might want to look into is making a donation to a cause as your favor. I have seen this done before where the bride and groom donate an amount to their favorite charity and then they leave a thank-you note at each place setting that thanks the guest for coming and informs them that a donation has been made to that charity in their name. It gives the guest a nice feeling to know that it went to a good cause.
    Be careful, though, not to choose something that would be very controvercial, such as donating to stem cell research or something like that. Right now, donating to Haitian Relief would be a cause that people would be comfortable with.
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    Favors are not at all necessary.  They are just a nice "extra" if you happen to have the resouces and a good idea.  Edible favors seems to be the favorite.  My DD and SIL had a scratch off lottery ticket and a penny in an envelope at each place.  The guests enjoyed it but I wouldn't exactly call it a favor.

    I would think long and hard about making a donation and then leaving a note for the guests as a pp suggested.  This comes off as very AW....."Oh, look at me, I made a donation to my favorite charity (and I get a tax write-off) and now I'm going to try to make people think I did it for them."  Many guests, myself included, want to choose which charity they make a donation to.  Everyone has the favorite charity and as good as someone's may be, someone may be personally opposed to that charity. 

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