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We're headed to Vegas for our wedding and with six months to go still I keep thinking I should buy more favours for our guests.
The wedding very small, 14 of our nearest and dearest, and we're alerady paying $1500 for a limo bus to get people to and from the airport for our flights. (Flying out of Toronto is too expensive and a hassle so we're bringing everyone to Detroit)
I found these cute little old style alarm clocks that we'll give out to hopefully wake everyone up for their early flight :) We've got personalized tags for them as well as ribbon/wrapping.
Anyone have any other ideas for cute or vegas style favours? Or should I stop already because I've already spent over $100/guest?

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    Seriously - if you're getting everyone from Toronto to bloody Detroit, that's favour enough! IF you feel like it, you could see if you want to get people something cheap & cheerful actually in LV. If it's anything like Niagara Falls, there's tons of trinkets and tourist shops there :)
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    Well if you have the time when you get to town, there's a HUGE gift shop at Sahara & Las Vegas Blvd (Strip) where you can find just about anything Las Vegas under their roof.   If you want to do shopping online, I like this place:

    But seriously, if you've already spent over $100/guest you're being more than generous!!

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    Dude, you're done.  $100/person is very generous.  And as much as I love my friends and attending their weddings (destination ones, too), I don't need a bunch of trinkets to commemorate the occasion.  Good food and good company will do it for me!
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