Wine Glass Etching?

HI All!
I am throwing a wine themed bridal shower for my sister and the favors are wine glasses.  Everyone will use their own glass for the tasting (which will have a tag with their name on it), and then take the glass home with them as a momento.

Question -
What should the glass say?  I have been using the slogan "Uncorking showers of happiness for Kristin and Joe", but I'm not sure if that is too much.
A friend also suggesting having 2 wine glasses - One with "I love RED" and the other with "I love WHITE" and have people choose their glass.

What do you think?
Any other ideas?


Re: Wine Glass Etching?

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    I like the red or white idea!

    I think it would be cute if you did their monograms on them, for a more personalized feel and they would definitely be excited about using the glasses again! I'm just not sure I would use a wine glass again that had something for another couple on it.

    Good luck! Cute idea! :)
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    Etch a design and nothing more.  Nobody is going to use something with your name or "I love..." written on it.
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    Maybe a slogan on the glass is too much. Maybe a small picture would be better. I'm thinking a picture of a bunch of grapes etched on the glass. An actual slogan on the glasses may be too much. Keep the slogan to the invites/stationary.
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