Mini Verdi Champagne Bottles

Has anyone ever given Mini Bottles of Verdi Champage as favors? We are giving those as favors for the engagement party. I want to do custom labels and I was wondering if anyone knew of a site where i could design and order these. Just having a hard time knowing if the labels are going to be the right size because i dont have the champagne yet. Thanks in advance!!

Re: Mini Verdi Champagne Bottles

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    This may a stupid question but where did you find mini bottles of Verdi? :)

    You can get custom labels made many places, but without knowing a size it will be hard.  Will you have enough time if you wait until you get the champagne?

  • Go to the verdi website, they actually make labels for you! they are $2.50 for a sheet of 10 and you order as many sheets as you need.
  • Where can you order thr mini bottles in bulk?
  • I got mine at a local beer distributor (Beer World on Noblestown Road) in Pittsburgh. They sell 8 oz. bottles for $39.99 per case of 24. They had the regular Verdi Spumonte and the Raspberry Sparkletini in stock. I talked ot the store manager and she also said if you let them know before they place an order (That specific store places orders on Mondays) how many cases you need they can order that in for you.

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    [QUOTE]Where can you order thr mini bottles in bulk?
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