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Hi All!

I have a question. My fiance' and I are doing handled mason jars as our favors. I found a website that has a really good deal on them. I'd have to call for shipping but that's beside the point. What I was wondering is, has anyone heard anything about the site? It's www.fillmorecontainer.com. I just want to make sure that we're not going to get scammed...

Thank you so much!!! :)

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  • What will a guest do with one mason jar? 

    Not slamming, just curious
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    [QUOTE]What will a guest do with one mason jar?  Not slamming, just curious
    Posted by ootmother2[/QUOTE]

    These are my thoughts as well.
    I <3 <3 <3 mason jars, and we will be using lots of them in our decor.
    But for favors? Just the jar? Maybe fill them with something yummy at least?
  • instead of buying them all in bulk, why not check your local thrift stores? I am using mason jars too, and I have started finding them in our thrift stores. I have 11 so far, and each one is unique. I have only spent about 3 dollars on all of them too! I also plan on buying some in bulk, but most of them will be hand picked from myself and our fiance. if you have time ( if your wedding is like a year or two away ) this might be a fun option.
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