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I was thinking of doing wine as a favour.  Has anyone done that?  Where do you find wine bottles without the labels?  Do you have to make it yourself? Would you be able to do 1/a couple?  How would you set that up?

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    Try googling personalized wine bottle favors, you may be able to find a company who will do a personalized label.  If not, you can always attached a tag or ribbon with your names and wedding date to the bottle.

    As for 1 bottle for couple, I'd attached your escort cards to the wine bottle. Sine typically you'd have 1 escort card per couple that'd work.
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    One of my good friends used wine as a wedding favor and they were a great hit.  She used a site called http://www.labelsonthefly.com.   They have like wine label templates that you can just customize and put your own wedding info in and they really turned out cute!   Hope this helps!

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    Your package store probably sells wine bottle favors.  Most of the time, they have an option to add personalized lables or you can just make personalized labels and put them over the label that comes on the bottle.
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