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Hi my name is Cynthia and I'm getting married on June 5th. 110 days to go!!! However, I'm still veryy confused on favors. I have looked at many different websites and cant seem to find something that would be good. I feel like the favors on the websites are cute but nothing really jumps out to me. Our first date (blind date) was going to the movies to see "The Holiday" so I was thinking about incorpating that but "The Hoiday" is a winter movie and we're getting married in June. Then I was thinking mini Wine bottles with the personalized label but then my mom said when the wine is gone what will the guests have as a memory of your wedding. I dont like edible favors either because of the same reason. I kinda like the photo booth idea, but not crazy about it. O and the place we are having the reception at is Naninas in the Park...so for the place card holders they are going to be little benches and street lamps for the park. Its an elegant wedding with a band and a dj so I really want to do something that wont look cheap. Anyone have any idea's???

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