Wedding Favor Help!!!!

I was thinking of trying to make apple/pumpkin butter but I have no clue on where to start or to even make it or even somewhere trust worthy to make it for me.  Does anyone know how to make it or know where I can get it?  Or I was thinking of getting the dry ingredients for pumpkin bread and putting it in a small jar.

Any ideas that you all have to share would be great! 
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Re: Wedding Favor Help!!!!

  • I make apple butter and it's an all-day chore....for just 6-8 pints.  And then the jars have to sit for 24 hours.  The canner I have was about $100 but I have used it several times.

    I would NOT recommend trying to do this for a large wedding, especially if you've never done it before.  If you're having a small wedding, say maybe around 50 guests, then you could probably pull it off.  Regardless of the size of your wedding, is this something you'll really have time for in the week(s) leading up to your wedding?
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