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Help! I am wanting to hand out sparklers as my wedding favors but I can't think of a cute way to do it. I dont just want to hand them out!!

Ideas please!!


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    Are you using them in place of something be thrown?  I would look for a nice basket to put them in for people to take as they leave.  You could always have a groomsman stand near the basket and inform your guest to take one and give to some people as they walk out.  If someone starts passing them out from there people will get the idea and just start to grab the sparklers themselves.
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    I would attached the seating cards to them so you wont have to pass them out.  Each person will get one when they pick up their card.
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    Google sparklers for weddings, they have tons of ideas.  I'm using sparklers too as a favor.
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    Thanks! Those ideas really helped!
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    For my daughter's wedding we only gave sparklers to the bridal party, parents and the 20 and 30-something friends of the bride and groom.  (We had 172 guests, 35 of them were kids and we didn't want them to get hurt.)

    So, we kept them under a table only passed them out at the very end of the night when everyone else had left.

    But on my local board one of the brides displayed heres in one of those large champagne glasses and added the white bead things you get at Michael's and add water to it.  And she had the matches in a large brandy glass.
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    i think you may be better off with candles

    good luck

    Kindred Scents
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