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I'm looking for any different ideas for things to put into the favor bag when checking into the hotel. I want to do something special but also stay traditoinal with water and chips or candy. Any ideas?

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    I would see if you can incorporate some things that are made locally or at least within the area. Perhaps get some treats from a local store that you can't find elsewhere, etc. I would also put in a map of the surrounding area including nearby restaurants and other things your guests might need, like close gas stations, convenience stores, etc. Perhaps a welcome letter thanking them for coming.

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    We added a list of attractions (and tips on when to get tickets or go) and restaurants that we recommended.  We also included a Philly pretzel and a beer, a welcome letter and for those driving themselves to the wedding, directions complete with photos of what they would be passing along the way.
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  • Both good ideas thank you!!  def going to be putting in a Thank you note!!
  • Hello, I work at a hotel and have seen a lot of gift bags in the time i've been here.  The bags usually have local items, (i.e. baltimore- utz chips, berger cookies, old bay seasoning, crab mallet, etc), map & things to do in the area, a welcome letter and the norm...chips & waters.  I have also seen things like Advil/Tylenol, a safety pin or 2, a list of restaurants or places that are special to you and your fiancee. Smile
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