Flowers anyone used them???

Hello All, I found a wholesale flower website called ROSESOURCE.COM, has anyone used them for there wedding flowers? If so did the flowers arrive on time and in good condition? Im a little worried about ordering flowers online, but they seem to have good prices and the people I talked to that work there said they can customize the wedding packages they have to add different flowers and change the package sizes. I was just wondering if anyone that has used them, could tell me if it worked out well for them. Thank you! Wedding Countdown Ticker image 108 Invited! image 85 Are ready to party!
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Re: anyone used them???

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    Used them for a shower, not too impressed.  Sent different color than ordered, no warning of problem before they shipped.  Big Rose and FiftyFlowers are much better to work with.
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    Wedding nightmare! I used in order to save money and they ended up costing me twice as much. I was married in southern Florida last year and I ordered bulk flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres. The flowers arrived a day before my wedding and most of them were dead. They stated that I just needed to put them in a dark room and put ice in the water. It didn't work. I ended up having to send someone to get flowers from the closest store on my wedding day. It was a stressful and an unnecessary nightmare. refused to return any of my money even though I sent them pictures.  Not worth potentially ruining your day! I would not recommend them to my worst enemy, ever!!
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