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so i have really been stressing about the cost of flowers recently and trying to research my options. I originaly wanted to go with all white/cream flowers with a little touch of purple to go with that romantic classic elegant look; however, i have quickly realized that these types of flowers (lillies, hydrangeas, roses) cost the most. so then i started to think more about the venue and what would complement the space best. the ceremony is an outside garden/stone area which leads right into the cocktail hour space which is half an insie sun room and half outside overlooking the fountain lake. then the reception is in a ballroom with a two story grand staircase with waterfall garden behind it. therefore after doing some searching of previous couples who have gotten married there to see what they did, I found this very unique idea on my photographrs blog. I included some pics for your review, but what do you ladies think? For th cocktail hour space there would be just a simple wine glass on each table with a single flower and beads in it. then for the reception space each table would have 1 medium or 3 small vases/jars with either a single or handful of unique flowers. It sort of gives the impression that they were all freshly picked fro ma garden somewhere. In other words, adding onto the "secret garden" theme I was originally inspired by. Then for the table numbers I would have an assortment of unlabled wine bottles with the table numbers coming out of the cork. I still would want to see if a florist could assemble all of this for me, but what are your thoughts, does this seem more cost efficient/tacky/unoriginal? 

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  • I think these arrangements especially the first one is very original and will look beautiful.  No reason why the florist can't do this it's simple but elegant.
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    Scale is very important to pulling this look off.  The cluster of wine glasses needs to look appropriately sized for the size of the table.   When the scale matches, the look is very elegant.   To test the scale, you could ask your florist to do a test run and then test the bouquets at your venue.  Most venues are willing to cooperate if you work with their timetable.
  • I don't care for the flower in the wine glass, because it looks like, well -- a flower in a wine glass instead of in a proper vase.  You can purchase small vases at the dollar store which would look great with a single flower and that would be perfect for the cocktail tables.

    Sorry to say it, but I'm also not a fan of the table numer in the wine bottle.  I think the card with the number on it is too big for the bottle, and the bottle then overwhelms the flowers, which should be the focal point of the table, not the wine bottle.
  • This is going to sound a little crazy but just follow me. If it is going to be set in/near a garden how about foregoing the flowers altogether. Candles are a lovely centerpiece especially when they are set on a mirror or floating candles. If you are going for "the secret garden" what about small garden lanterns. As for the wine bottles I agree with PP they are a tad distracting.
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