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I'm one of the Brides maid's in my brother's wedding in St. Louis.  It's a budget wedding, and a lot of the projects are DIY.  My mom will be doing the flowers, but she doesn't know how to deliver the bouquets to the church.  Does anybody have an idea how florists deliver multiple bouquets?  Where can I purchase the proper container?


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    I would just get vases from the dollar store, but each bouquet in it's own vase, and put the vases in a short cardboard box to keep them from falling over. You could even decorate the vases for the head table so that the bridesmaids have somewhere to put their bouquets during dinner :]
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    It depends on the type of flowers.  It depends on when they are being made up and how long before they are used for wedding.   It depends on time of year and weather.  Some flowers are very sensitive so transportation can be tricky!

    Since we don't know type of flowers, I would suggest you talk to whoever you are getting them from to see what they suggest.   There are some white roses that actually turn brownish if you refridgerate and they need to be placed in a cool place out of sunlight. 

    One suggestion I would make is they need water as long as possible.  Depending on bouquet and type of ribbon, it might be better to transport in a pickle bucket with water and put ribbon on at site.  Good luck!
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      Usually the florist will use the long boxes that flower bunches come in and put newspaper around the vases to keep them from tipping over. I've also seen them use the boxes with dividers that vases come in. You can pretty much use anybox that isn't too shallow and pack newspaper or other packing material around the vases to keep them stable.
      When doing the bouquets, leave the stems long and wrap the ribbon around the top part of the stems. Keep the bouquet in a vase with the water level under where the ribbon is. Just before the ceremony, cut  the stems to the proper length.  
      Corsages and boutonnieres can be misted with a little water and put in a plastic bag filled with air. Roll down the edges of the bag opening and pin with boutonniere/corsage pins to keep it from opening. It should basically look like a pillow of air with the boutonniere/corsage in it. Plus you'll have extra pins for people to use if needed.
      Be sure to keep the flowers in a cool room out of direct sunlight. You can put them in the fridge if there's no other food in it. Different foods give off gasses that can cause flowers to die quicker also flowers can absord scents and you don't want your bouquets smeeling like garlic or onions! lol. Anyway, HTH!
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    Delivery is important and not always easy... I would suggest you attempt to hire or enlist a friend or acquaintance you can count on to be your flower CZAR so to speak.   
    Surely do not leave it to the last minute so it falls to Mom whomever will take it on.   
    The bouquets should actually go to the house or hotel where everyone is leaving from... If they go to the church in vases you risk wet gowns and a mess if anything tips over... 

    Have Mom wrap the bouquets and finish up everything the day before.... ....leave an inch or two of bare stems at the botton and keep the 2 inches in jars of water until the wedding... Then when the time comes dry them off and give them to the girls....Thats just the best you can do....  

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    For bouquets you will want to get a box and cut out holes in it for the flowers to go. This will help keep them stable during the car ride.

    For centerpieces put them in a box and surround them with newspaper, packing peanuts or anything to help them stay stable.

    Keep all of the flowers in water for as long as you can. This includes the ride to the location. Some inexpensive vases or jars would most likely do the trick.
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