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Hi girls,
I posted something similar to this on the DIY board a few weeks back because I thought that I wanted to do the tissue paper pomanders. I soon realized that it was going to be WAY to time consuming. We've now decided that we are going to do fresh carnation pomanders. Here are my questions for those that have also done them :)
I need to purchase the green styrofoam ball that absorbs water right?
What size ball did you use?
How far in advance did you do them and did they last? 
Looking for ones similar to these. They will be used at the church then transferred to the reception! 
Thanks for all your help :)




Re: Carnation Pomanders

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    Ok, i haven't acutally done one of these so I can't give you a size but I do know about the other questions. 

    You need to get the oasis that soaks up water. This is the finer oasis and is softer to the touch. Just look on the label at your local craft store and it will say whether it is for live or artificial stems. 

    You can do these on Wednesday night for your Saturday wedding if you want too. I suggest doing it on Thursday night though. Make sure that the oasis stays moist so that the flowers have plenty of water. Also make sure that they are refrigerated, away from food. Food gives off gases that speed the break down of flowers. Carnations are hearty so some moist oasis and refrigeration will keep them looking good until your wedding day. Just water them the morning of the wedding and they should be fine.
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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Pomander balls take a LOT of flowers to get them nice and full looking, and to cover all the foam.  I think it might end up taking more time consuming than the tissue pommanders, and harder to transport, but will look more elegant.

    The green foam you are looking for is called "Oasis" or "wet foam", and it comes pre-made from floral supply companies.  It will look like this:
    Because it takes so many flowers to completely cover the foam, get the small or medium size, if that works for you.  (Once it's fully soaked with water and you have all the flowers on it, it will be pretty heavy).

    Fill a bucket or deep pan with water and some floral preservative and thouroughly soak the foam (about 5-10 minutes).  Let your carnations open up all the way (so they will cover more surface area) before you make them.

    I think you can order them from craft stores or on line sources:  //

    Flowers will last in the foam for several days, some flowers a week or more - if you keep the foam wet, and preferably in a cool room.  Add enough water every day to keep the foam good and wet, like almost dripping wet.  You can pour water over them, between the flowers, either with a watering can, or spray it with a spray bottle.
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    AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    On our June 2011 board, there is someone who made fake carnation pompanders for her wedding for about $12 each.  Her sn is wicked_faery, and she posted some awesome pics of them!

    The "almost dripping wet" gives me pause - I would not want to carry something saturated with water that could potentially drip all over my BM dress.  Just a thought.
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    PeavyPeavy member
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    Although it might be a bit more time consuming to make them from tissue rather than live flowers, with the tissue you will have the luxury of making them far in advance at a time table that works for you.  With the live flowers, they need to be done as close to the wedding as possible, and it will still be time consuming to open the carnations (by rolling the calyx to fluff them out) then placing them in the balls.  If it were me and I didn't care if the flowers were live or not, I'd go with tissue.
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    StaceyKiblerStaceyKibler member
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    I would recommend buying silk carnations.  That way you can do them  plenty ahead of time, and they still look great!

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