CENTRAL JERSEY BRIDES! I need help with a florist!

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with this! Our wedding is almost 2 months away, and we don't have a florist yet!!!! We're located in central NJ, and are getting married near Lakewood NJ. We need a florist who will delivery to the hotel where I'll be getting ready, as well as our church in Sprink Lake. The one thing we are looking for is someone AFFORDABLE! Flowers are SOOO expensive, and we want beauty without breaking the bank. PLEASE HELP!


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Re: CENTRAL JERSEY BRIDES! I need help with a florist!

  • you'll have better luck posting this on your local board probably.
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  • Thank you! I didn't realize I could do that... New to this whole forum thing ;) thank you!
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  • I am not sure how far they travel, but we used A blossom shop on route 9 in pine beach. We wroekd with the owner of the shop Stacey...our flowers were beautiful and stayed alive and kicking 3 weeks after the ceremony in a vase of water ...good luck
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