Need to Vent a bit

Hey everyone, I need to vent for a little bit.  I know I'm probably being oversensitive because I'm tired and I thought if I typed it all out I would be less annoyed.

I recently went to a bunch of flower appts with my mother and FMIL.  Non of us live in the Austin area so we all had to travel (my mom is from out of state).  Because we were all traveling, I let each flower place know that there was only one day that I could meet and people were really willing to work with me on appt times.

At one flower shop, the person we were supposed to meet with was unavailable when we arrived.  The found someone else to talk with us which was fine.  I was upfront in the very beginning about my budget (which I consider middle of the road).  I ddin't know much about flower pricing so I brought in a bunch of pictures that I thought were pretty - both bigger more elaborate arraignments and much smaller arraignments.  I asked the florist to help with suggestions keeping my budget in mind.  Her suggestions were all the highest end, she even added quite a few things that I wasn't thinking of.  I repeatedly asked her if all of the suggestions would fit into my budget and she said over and over that there was plenty of room in my budget and not to worry.  At the end of the appt, she told me the original person that I was supposed to meet with would email me the completed proposal and we could go from there.

Today, I get a sort of snarky email from the original florist stating that my ideas were way outside of my budget and I needed to come back in so we could talk about more "reasonable" flower arraignments.  He did not give me any sort of pricing on what the first florist suggested.

I guess I'm annoyed because I feel like they wasted my time.  I was upfront from the beginning on what I could afford to spend and the email I got made me feel like that wasn't good enough.  And I sort of feel like they didn't even bother to take the time to tell me what the original suggestions would cost.

I did find other florist who were great and I'm really looking forward to sorting through their different ideas but I'm left with how to respond to this person.  Most of me thinks I should just tell them thanks but no thanks but I will admit there is a little part of me that feels like I should say something about wasting my time.  What do you think.


Re: Need to Vent a bit

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    Honestly, I would just let it go.  I would just say, thank you, but I've decided to go with someone else and be done with it.  I know it's annoying but they aren't worth your time or energy.
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    I agree about letting it go but I understand the want to say something to the florist. Honestly you could just say, "thanks but no thanks" but make sure they understand that had they not wasted your time, they would  have been a contender. Planning a wedding takes a lot of energy and patience and vendors are suppose to be understanding of that and considerate of your time. Obviously NOT a good match for you. Good Luck!
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    Check out Bunches Direct! They offer great flowers, low cost, and can deliver anywhere!
    I've dealt with them before and they very professional and always willing to work within budget.
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    I would sent a brief email response letting them know what happened, why you wont be choosing them, and that you feel they wasted your time. It does not have to be nasty but I would let them know what was up. This may be an ongoing problem they need to address or a new issue they are unaware of.
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    easy,  Sorry we missed you that day, but we have found another florist.... 
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    yeah i'd be sure to let them know why you're not going with them. whoever gave you the low estimate will keep wasting peoples time like yours unless its made aware. 

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