suggestions for flowers? purple, pink, white

Hi girls,
I no nothing about flowers except the colors I like together. My BMs are wearing purple dresses (kind of like a plum, not too dark or too light).  So I was thinking of doing purples, pinks, and whites, but no idea what kinds of flowers.  I don't want to spend a crazy amount of money, so any suggestions for reasonably priced flowers in those colors would be appreciated (the wedding will be in July).
I met with a florist tonight who talked about using lisianthus (sp?), but she said she'd email me an estimate tomorrow.  Does anyone know anything about those kinds of flowers?
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Re: suggestions for flowers? purple, pink, white

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    I am a florist. Lisianthus are a very pretty, delicate, small flower. It's like a dainty, tiny garden rose. They aren't too pricey. Budget friendly flowers in pink and white are roses, oriental and asian lilies, snapdragons, tulips and stock. Purple - stock, tulips, snapdragons and mums. Don't rule out carnations. En masse they are GORGEOUS.
    Have fun!!!
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