How to pick?!?

I googled florists in my area (the wedding is a bit north of DC - I wanted a more local florist to avoid delivery charges), and there are a lot.   I tried on here and on Yelp, but there doesn't seem to be any reviews...

Do I just blindly go in?  Make appointments at the one with the prettiest pictures?

What do I ask when I go into the florist too?  I have a vague idea of what I want, but I want to work with them to really put my dream into reality...

This is the one part I'm most scared about - I'm completely clueless, and don't have a strong vision of what I want.

any tips would be great!
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Re: How to pick?!?

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    Have you tried getting reviews on your local board?  Maybe look into Project Wedding because they have a ton of reviews. I got my florist recommendation from my photographer and officiant.
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