After the wedding, what to do with the bouquet?

Ladies -

I am unsure of what to do with my bridal bouquet after the wedding. Freeze Dry it? Dry it naturally? I am looking for ideas of what other people have done with their bouquets after the wedding.

Thank you!

Re: After the wedding, what to do with the bouquet?

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    Hello, I'm just lurking here, but I am interested in getting a painting made out of my bouquet.  There is a company that does it here in Louisiana, but I think they will do work with brides all over the country.  Here is the website if you are interested:

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  • CzBergerCzBerger member
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    Interesting! I had never thought of that . . .
  • pandasquishypandasquishy member
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    I'm just tossing mine in the bouquet toss!
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  • kls114kls114 member
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    I went to a bridal show this fall & saw a company who preserved flowers & used shadow boxes & domes! I thought it was such a great idea & I have never seen anything like this before! I totally plan on using a shadow box.

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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I just put mine in a vase for my mother to enjoy until it died.  I took plenty of pictures of it so DH can one day surprise me and have it recreated.Laughing
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  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    I'm most likely going to try to dry mine and put it into a shadow box.
  • cukimerrydollcukimerrydoll member
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    Keep it until it dies... take pictures... throw it out.

    I know it's going to end up being mostly eaten by our 2 cats anyway.  So I'll enjoy it while I can. (Come to think of it, that's what my dad's cat did to my mom's bouquet...).

    The shadow box idea is good though... it would keep it protected.
  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    You can toss it, give it away, dry it yourself, or have it preserved (freeze-dried, professionally dried or preserved). 

    Having it preserved can get kind of pricey.  And do you really want to decorate your house with stuff like that?  It can easily become a white elephant item. 

    If you are planning on doing a wedding album or scrapbook, you might include a nice photo of your bouquet, and dry just a few flowers from your bouquet yourself and put it in your scrapbook, maybe tied with a ribbon from the stem wrapping.  That way it doesn't take up any extra room and doesn't cost you any extra, yet you will still have your memories and a little piece of it. 
  • AngelaOct11AngelaOct11 member
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    I sent my bouquet to  I wanted to do something with it but I really didn't think I would want a bouquet sitting around somewhere.  It can take up to 6 months to get your painting so mine should be here around March :-)  I am really looking forward to seeing how it turned out.  You can request certain colors for the painting and also tell them which painting styles you like from their website.  You can also leave it totally up to them which is what I did.  It will be fun to get it and see how it turned out :-)
  • chosen175chosen175 member
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    I have a friend who is able to turn fresh flower petals into beads. I'm going to send mine to her and have a rosary made out of it. 
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    I think I'm going to make potpourri out of it...along with a few of the bridesmaid bouquets that they left me.
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    I decided to go with silk flowers so I could use them as a center piece for our table.  I'm so excited :)
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    my fiance is getting my dipped in wax and put in a vase. it looks a lot better than you would think and very orignal.
  • lharri12lharri12 member
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  • Anthriel22Anthriel22 member
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    I caught the bouquet at my friends wedding, and she didnt want it back because she didnt know what to do with it.  We took it home and hung it to dry naturally.  I was going to throw it out, then one day out of boredom, my FI took her bouqeut, and mine (I was in her wedding) and arranged them at the bottom of a big vase (about 2 feet tall).  It looks really artistic and nice.  My friend came over and now wants her bouquet (and the vase) because it looks so cool.  She originally didnt want it because she didnt know what to do with it, but loves what we did!  We just had it in our entryway as a decoration.  We told her if she replaced our vase, we would totally let her take it (since we cant pull the flowers out without ruining them), and we are planning on putting our bouquet in the vase she buys us....

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  • dianenjnjdianenjnj member
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    i like your idea.

    maybe it would be nice to take a flower or two and some ribbon and either toss it or give it to mom or grandma.

    saving it for posterity and spending a load of money to have it preserved=overkill imo.
  • emh777emh777 member
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    Personally I hate having anything dried or dead around - so I'm going to enjoy it till it dies and then throw it out.  
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    I tried drying mine after to wedding but it didn't work out.  The roses in my bouquet dried perfectly but the hydrangeas shriveled up and fell off.  You might want to consider the types of flowers you are using before deciding to dry your bouquet.  If you know ahead of time that the flowers won't dry well you can choose another option.
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    I like the idea of dipping it in wax. I actually hadn't given much thought of what I'll be doing to my bouquet.
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    Haha my girl cat would eat it if it were going to be real. I am making mine (artificial), so I'll get a nice vase to put it in and display!!
  • drh0818drh0818 member
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    At the reception I'm going to give it to the wife of the couple married the longest....Which will probably be his or my grandmother :)

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    Me too
  • headocurlsheadocurls member
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    I saw this in Martha Stewart's mag (see meet the press)

    I love this idea b/c I can keep my bouquet for years.
  • millercr621millercr621 member
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    I gave mine to my maid of honor at the end of the wedding since she's my best friend, and decided to forgo the bouquet toss since most single women don't enjoy it at all.
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