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Hello ladies,
I have never posted on this board... I am always on the Boston board.  However, I am pretty sure you guys might be able to help! I want to use gerbera daisies for my BM bouquets, and I want to have some of them dyed turquoise.  My wedding isn't until 7/23/11, so I am in no hurry to actually book a florist, but was wondering if any of you girls did gerbera bouquets for your BMs.  How many stems did you need? What did you pay for your BM bouquets? Do you have to pay more to have them dyed? Any help is MUCH appreciated!!  FI and I are finally sketching out the budget, and just need ot get a ballpark idea of what we will be spending.  I am planning for roses/gerberas for my bouquet.  Oh, and I have 8 bridesmaids if that helps.  TIA!~!

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    I was quote for: 3 Gerbera Daisies and some fillers for about $26 a bouquet.
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    I just helped a friend with her wedding flowers, and she used mostly gerbers. 

    For the bridal bouquet was of a "medium" size, with about 13 white roses, 7 hot pink gerbers, and several stems of alstromeria.   

    If you are using all gerbers, You'd probably need about 13-15 for a moderate sized bouquet, or with filler flowers and greenery, you could get by on about 9-11.

    The BM bouquets were smaller, with 5 gerbers, a stem or 2 of alstromeria, a few mini carnations (about 5 stems), and a little greenery. 

    But honestly, there are few naturally blue or green flowers, and certainly no turquoise ones.  Dyed flowers look very unnatural and .... well, they just look cheap and gawdy.  Please reconsider.

    You could go with another color that contrasts, compliments, or blends with the wedding colors, they don't have to match the color of dresses (which I assume is turquoise?).  Against a turquoise dress, white or ivory, pinks, peaches, purples, orange, lime green, pale blue, anything would look better and more natural than dyed turquoise flowers. 

    Flowers of the same color as the dress will blend into each other, and won't show up well.  Do you want to spend all that money for them to not show up?  Don't take my word for it though, ask your florist for some recommendations, and her honest opinion.  Most florists have an artist's eye, and they have done way more weddings that you or I put together.

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    I am using all roses and gerberas and the florist quoted me $75 for the bridal bouquet and $50 for the bridesmaids.  Those are pretty full bouquets.
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    I used gerberas for my wedding.  I went the DIY route, so I'm no help with the prices, but my BM bouquets had 7 stems and mine had 15 (which was pretty hefty - in retrospect, I would have used 11 for mine), with some bear grass for filler.  PIB if you want to get an idea of the size of the bouquets.
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    I have to agree with Catwoman, but add one more thing. Dyed flowers can stain a dress, white shirt, and also table cloths. They will also turn the water they are in the color of the dye. If your bouquet is in a floral foam holder than it is not a big problem. But if you are having stem bouquets, staining is a possibility.
        If you are going to use them in vases with water, they will color the water. Sometimes with the right decor idea, the colored water looks nice. Sometimes it is just too much of the same color.
         If you are going to use a dyed flower for a boutineer, than I would suggest that the designer cover the entire stem with tape (maybe even add satin)  Don't put a dyed stem next to any fabric. Hope we helped.
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