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My fiance and I are currently looking for flowers for our wedding. I wanted to get other bride's opinions on these wedding flowers. If you think they will look right with the dress and the big question, does the price sound reasonable? I'm buying a "fake" flower package online, thinking that will be cheaper. The package is $275 shipping included. 
1 Bride's Round bouquet (10" round)
7 Bridesmaid bouquets (8" round)
1 Toss bouquet (7" round) 
1 Groom's boutonniere
6 groomsmen boutonnieres 
3 Fathers boutonnieres
4 Mothers corsages

I attached a picture of the bouquet and also of the bridesmaid's dress. Dress is in fuchsia, but the picture online makes it look darker than what it really is. Do you think it will look right or is it too much pink? Thoughts?
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Re: Need Opinions

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I'm no help with your questions, but I would suggest ordering a sample bouquet or something to make sure you like the color and quality if that is possible.
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I think it's a bit too much pink with the pink dresses.
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  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Ideally I would use a little less pink, and a little more more ivory or green, or vary the shades of pink a little more.  It will add a little depth to the flower bouquets, themselves, and will give more contrast to make the flowers stand out against the fuscia dresses. 

    But really, they're beautiful dresses, beautiful flowers, and they will still look very pretty together just as they are.
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    For me, it's way too much pink. I think more accent colors would make it look much better and then the bouquet wouldn't blend into the dresses in pictures.
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    Too much pink! I like the idea of getting a sample to make sure the quality is there and it doesn't look cheap or fake. Try using real flowers but less of them if you're on a tight budget. You'll hate it and be embarrassed if the flowers look too fake and cheap.
  • iloveu4everiloveu4ever member
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    light pink flowers would look good but the other pink would be too much.

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