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Has anyone used afloral.com for their wedding bouquets? I see they have some resonably priced (CLOSEOUT!) Bouquets and like everyone I am looking to have nice things for cheap. Since I am a DIY bride having these bouquets already put together and just have to fluff and maybe add some extra filler would be such a time saver.
Has anyone DIY themselves with fresh or silk flowers, what was your experience and which way do you recommend? Of course fresh flowers are always nice but there seem to be so many variables when it comes to them that I almost think silk would just be easier and one less thing to worry about.
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Re: afloral.com?

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    I got flowers from them and they have been by far the best vendor I have worked with so far for my wedding.  I ordered flowers and they didn't have enough of the one kind I wanted, so they told me they would e-mail me as soon as they came in and I could place the rest of my order and they would cover the shipping costs.  They gave me a certain date for the flowers to come in, but they contacted me almost 2 weeks prior to the date they gave me.  I spoke to them many times and every time I did, they were wonderful.  I couldn't be happier with my flowers I got.  I got orange and yellow gerber daisies for my centerpieces, and I ended up paying 44 cents a piece for them.  I couldn't be happier.  They followed through with everything they said they would do and the quality is great!  It almost makes me want to kick my florist to the curb and make my own bouquets! lol  Good luck!!
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    I ordered my bridesmaid bouquets from there, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Not to mention cheap...I got them on closeout and aside from shipping I got my three girls' bouquets for $15!!!  I could not be happier!!!

    When it comes to silk vs fresh, in my opinion it's wise to go silk.  Not only is it cheaper, but they last forever! 
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