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Okay this may seem like a silly question but my FI's was talking about having his gma make the bouquets and everything flower wise.
What would the difference in price be to just get the flowers from the florist and then have her make them? A big difference? Or would it just be less stressful to just have the florist do it?

Re: DIY flowers

  • The obvious answer is 1) what is your budget and 2) how comfortable would you be having his grandma do this?

    Bulk flowers are not necessarily cheaper from a florist. You might want to find out what the florist charges. There are many websites that have bulk flowers they can send you, Costco has this, Sam's Club has this, plus and, plus others.

    You need to consider your budget and what you would want. Are you talking centerpieces, bouquets, bouts, corsages, or just one of those?

    Before you make a decision, you might want to check on your local board and get a feel for what florists cost in your area. Many of the local boards are very friendly and can provide you with a florist within your budget if you tell them what you want to spend.

    You can also buy flowers in bulk from farmer's markets and other stores.

    Good luck.
  • Most florists do not like selling bulk flowers out to people.  They do not make any money off of this...they are not wholesalers they are the people who actualy create the arrangements.

    I agree with PP.  What is your budget and are you comfortable with grandma doing this?

  • In NYC there's actually a flower market that sells flowers very very early in the morning by I think Fifth ave area and twenty something street. The flowers are not sold at retail price since they sell them in bulk. But that's here in NYC. Our floral person used to work with a company called Celadon and Celery, she's  (her name is Ivie Joy and she's named her new company Ivie Joy Flowers & Events) branching out and teaches classes so other brides or hosts can do their own arrangements.  Maybe there's something similar where you are?
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  • We did our own flowers and saved tons and tons of money. We did for 400 bucks (Sams Club) what would have been a few grand from a florist. We loved the way everything came out and don't regret it for a second. However, is your grandma ok with this? Did she volunteer or was this pushed on her?
  • She used to be in the floral business, I believe so I think she would enjoy doing it! I just wasn't sure where we would get flowers in bulk that were good quality and if this would just be more stressful than handy.
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