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Help with a song

My father has past away and so has his mother so we are going to do one dance with him and my mom and me with his dad, but we have no clue as to what song to play. We want it sweet but light hearted.

Re: Help with a song

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    You've got a friend in me by Randy Neuman (from Toy Story)
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    How about "What a Wonderful World"?  Another very sweet song, but very old is called "May Each Day of your Life" and is by Andy Williams.  The song's lyrics talk about hoping that each day of your life be a good one....and ends with "And may each of the your days be as special as the one you've shared with me today". 

    It's lovely, and I really like the words, especially in your case.  I love your idea of you dancing with your new FIL and your new DH dancing with his new MIL.  I think it will be a lovely moment!
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